B&Q stopped Derby kids from buying buckets for charity car wash

today27 August 2022

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A Derby mum has been left angry at a B&Q rule which stopped her children from entering the store. Carlie Grogan visited the Derby branch of the DIY chain, in Osmaston Park Road, Allenton, with her three children, but when they tried to enter without their mum, they weren’t allowed in.

Carlie’s kids, 13-year-old Kiera, 12-year-old Skylar and 10-year-old Kye, had started washing cars around their home in Darley Abbey to make some pocket money, and so Carlie had taken them to get supplies. After they arrived at B&Q, Carlie, 40, gave Kiera the money to buy two buckets and waited in the car.

But moments later, Kiera came back empty-handed, saying she had been stopped at the till by a cashier, who said under-16s could not be served.

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Kiera, who has autism, was left upset and confused as to why she was not allowed to make the purchase, feeling she had done something wrong. Carlie, a carer, said she had never seen a rule like this applied at any other chain, and felt that the rule had been “made up”.

Carlie said: “The kids had started washing cars around the estate and wanted to buy their own products, for when they knocked on people’s doors. We went to one shop and I stayed outside, and they bought two chamois leathers and some car shampoo, but no buckets, so we went to B&Q for those.

“[After being asked to leave B&Q] The kids were pretty angry and upset about it, as they can normally go into any shop with no question of age. It wasn’t like they were going in there to buy a power tool.

“I’m trying to teach them a bit of independence, as they are getting a bit older, and how to deal with money. There was no signs on the door, and I was told that it was a manager’s policy.

“My kids go into lots of shops, they can go into any shop in Derby by themselves, but B&Q are the first shop to say that they have to be over 16. Maybe they thought they were going to shoplift, but they had the money with them.

“My eldest was really upset as she’s never been refused entry to a shop. Because of her autism, she couldn’t grasp why she wasn’t allowed in, and next time I send her in a shop, she will be nervous as she will think she won’t be allowed in. It will have knocked her confidence and her independence.”

After her kids were refused entry by themselves Carlie then entered the store herself to speak to staff. She was told that the policy was advertised in a sign on the door, but she could not see this when she went to check.

She has since said that no sign was visible and that she was then told that the manager of the store could apply the policy at their discretion. Not wanting to upset Kiera any further, Carlie bought the buckets herself and left, but was left angry at the perceived lack of communication on the policy after visiting the store on Monday, August 21.

According to the Mirror, B&Q did impose a no under-16s rule as it reopened its stores in May 2020 amid the first coronavirus lockdown. A spokesperson for the chain has said that the policy can now be applied at the discretion of a store manager, depending on what products are out on the shop floor.

They said: “The safety and wellbeing of our customers is our number one priority. Due to the nature of products sold in our stores, we recommend that children under 16 do not attend B&Q without adult supervision.

“We operate a no under 16s policy within our stores, which can be enforced at colleague discretion. On this occasion when the children returned with an adult they were able to purchase the items they required.”

B&Q has been asked how the policy is signposted at the store.


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