Letters: Government needs to do something to tackle spiralling energy costs

today30 August 2022 1

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It doesn’t take an economist to realise that, with regards to the ever spiralling energy costs, the one thing that the Government can’t do is nothing.

To do so would inevitably lead to ever rising inflation, increased unemployment as small, and medium sized companies go to the wall, a spiral into recession as spending reduces dramatically, an endemic failure to pay energy bills, ever more strikes and possibly civil unrest. The Government knows this as well as the rest of us.

By far and away the best solution is to reduce the cost to all consumers at source. There are a number of ways to achieve this; temporary nationalisation as suggested by Gordon Brown, a price cap subsidised in part by windfall taxes on energy companies as proposed by Keir Starmer, a Government funded cap on rises paid back by consumers over a number of years as proposed by the energy companies.

What is not a sensible option is bunging a few quid at a selection of consumers. To do so would be the equivalent to trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it. Either way, it is in the power of our Government to fix this.

Steve Rogers, Shipley

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