Letters: Prime Minister has gone missing during a national crisis

today2 September 2022 1

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The exiting Prime Minister pops up in Ukraine after going missing during a national crisis. I really am not sure what world these politicians live in. I would imagine most of us are now in fuel poverty according to statistics quoted.

The Prime Minister makes comments that we must assist Ukraine with high energy bills. I would like to know what the headlines are in the Russian media.

Are they to the effect that Europe is now suffering and the war continues until Europe’s economies collapse? Surely now there has got to be discussions with all European nations to find a way forward to help all its citizens during this crisis.

Chris Phillips, by email

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The Labour Party has never fully understood its political role is to better serve the people against a Conservative capitalist establishment. The adversarial nature of political discourse in the House of Representatives (Commons) has blindsided Labour into thinking it can manage capitalism better than the Tories.

It thinks politics is a game when, in fact, it’s about what kind of social and economic system is best for the people. Consequently, since the 1688 Bill of Rights, Britain’s democracy has been perverted which the 20th-century Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) never noted and consequently has always been on the back foot against a Conservative establishment because it still does not recognise that universal suffrage was a watershed, made legal by the 1918/28 Representation of the (suffrage) People’s Acts, allowing for the people to have a codified constitution.

Such constitutions (Australia) by law give the people the final (ultimate) say to decide (referendum) whether their “House” should be altered. It’s therefore not surprising that the right-wing PLP under the leadership of Sir Keir refuses to nationalise utilities and other public services which are fundamental to a country’s security and sovereignty as a nation-state.

Kenneth R Jarrett, by email

What with half the UK workforce on strike, the NHS crumbling and cost of living soaring, we might see all our illegal migrants flocking to Dover to ask for their rubber boats back. Unlikely, but I live in hope.

Bill Platt, by email

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