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cost of living crisis

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cost of living crisis

What Does Inflation Have To Do With Rail Workers’ Salaries?

RMT secretary-general Mick Lynch on the picket lineThe stalemate between railway employers and workers continues this week, with neither side willing to give in over their idea of how much people should be paid.One of the primary arguments against increasing wages for striking rail workers is that it will lead to inflation, which is already at a 40-year high. But will it really?Here’s what you need to know.What are rail […]

today23 June 2022

cost of living crisis

Martin Lewis Reveals He Was Turned Down For A Place In The House Of Lords

Martin Lewis, known for his website MoneySavingExpert.comMartin Lewis has revealed that his application to join the House of Lords was turned down after he was “honest” in the interview process.Financial journalist Lewis has become a household name due to his cost-cutting advice over the years, but has gained further prominence recently due to his attempts to reduce the hike in energy prices with regulator Ofgem.Speaking to BBC journalist and host […]

today23 June 2022

cost of living crisis

Low-Income Households Pay Over £430 More A Year For Life Essentials

The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone – but no-one more so than low-income homes in the UK.A new study from Fair By Design has found the average low-income household pays more than £430 – but can pay up to £541 – more every year for essential services and goods compared to wealthier households.Simply put, the data suggests that it is more expensive to be poorer in the UK […]

today22 June 2022

cost of living crisis

The ‘Magic Bag’ App Can Help You Save Money On Your Food Shop

The cost of groceries is getting so high that some people are cutting back on food to save money. More than half (56%) of 4,011 people surveyed by the BBC have started to buy fewer groceries and are skipping meals,  Food inflation accelerated to 3.5% in April, up from 3.3% in March – the highest inflation rate since March 2013. Archie Norman, chairman of Marks & Spencer, warned that food prices could soar […]

today21 June 2022

cost of living crisis

Interest Rates Have Risen To Their Highest Since 2009. This Is Why That Matters

Woman taking cash out of UK cash machine and counting banknotesThe Bank of England has just announced it is raising interest rates to its highest levels since 2009. But what does that actually mean?This month’s increase sounds pretty marginal – from 1% to 1.25% – but this is actually significant when it comes to understanding what’s going on with the UK amid the global energy chaos and the 40-year-highinflation rate.Here’s […]

today16 June 2022 1

cost of living crisis

Your Household Food Shop Is Set To Get Even Pricier. Here’s Why

It feels like the price of almost everything is rising amid the cost of living crisis.Head to your local supermarket and your go-tos are already more expensive than they were two months ago. Order a takeaway and expect to add at least £1 to the cost of your favourite meal. (Even the price of going swimming has increased, just when we really need a dip to cool ourselves down).This summer, we’re really […]

today16 June 2022 1


Are You Eligible For Cost Of Living Support? Here’s How To Claim

Cost of living support payments will help more than eight million households in the UKMillions of Brits are eligible to receive a lump sum from July to help tackle the cost of living crisis as it tightens its grip across the UK.With energy bills shooting up along with the cost of petrol and groceries, inflation is at 9% – and it’s even higher for the UK’s poorest households.After critics repeatedly called for […]

today15 June 2022


9 Genuinely Helpful Tips For Saving Money On New Clothes

.As the cost of living shrinks our disposable income, we’re all looking to save money where we can. But that doesn’t mean we’re immune to lusting after new clothes.If you want to treat yourself to some new clobber – but need to stick to a stricter budget these days – there are ways to update your wardrobe for less.And we’re not just talking the obvious tips, like visiting charity shops […]

today13 June 2022

cost of living crisis

Here’s How You Can Still Go ‘Out Out’, Even On A Tight Budget

The cost of living crisis is sucking the joy out of life for so many. Inflation rates have just risen to their highest level in 40 years. Energy bills have skyrocketed, in part because of the knock-on effect of the Ukraine war. Since April, the average gas prices jumped by 53.5% and electricity prices by 95.5%.Additionally, petrol prices are rising daily. The price of filling up an average family car with petrol is set […]

today10 June 2022