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The Rudest Mistakes Dog Owners Make At The Park

Pay attention to your dog and intervene if needed. Going to the park with a dog is a great way to help your pet socialise, exercise and get some fresh air. But not every canine knows how to behave there.The same goes for humans. In fact, there are several rude boo boos that dog owners display in this setting. “Etiquette is all about being mindful of other people, which certainly applies to […]

today3 June 2022


12 Wedding Guest Mistakes You Might Make And Not Realise It

Remember the happy couple is meant to be the center of attention at a wedding. We all know the basic wedding etiquette rules. Don’t wear white unless specifically asked to. Don’t choose someone else’s special day as the moment to propose to your partner. Don’t ignore your table assignment.But there are some less obvious ways guests might be rude at a wedding and not realise it. We asked a few etiquette experts […]

today2 June 2022 1


The Rude Wedding Guest Behaviour You May Be Guilty Of

Be mindful of the bride and groom's time when you get your chance to say hello.In the months leading up to her wedding day, Elizabeth was looking forward to seeing all of her guests, but she did not anticipate how much people would try to monopolise her time. “Several of my husband’s family friends, who I’d barely even met, kept coming up to me during the reception and then they would […]

today17 May 2022


What To Do When You Forget Someone’s Name

Asking for a reminder doesn't have to be a big deal if you are gracious and sincerely apologetic.We’ve all been there: upon walking into the office, an acquaintance cheerfully greets you by name and you pause, frantically searching your brain for theirs. You don’t want to disrespect them by saying the wrong name, but just saying “hey” seems so generic. Do you come clean about your memory lapse?Here’s how experts say […]

today10 May 2022 1