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Why Some Summer Fruits Make Your Tongue Itch, Even If You’re Not Allergic

It’s likely happened to you: You take a bite of an apple, a kiwi or some berries and suddenly feel itchy around the mouth, even though you’re pretty sure you’re not allergic to the fruit you’ve just eaten. Why does that happen?Experts refer to the phenomenon as oral allergy syndrome (OAS), also known as pollen fruit syndrome (PFT). The indisposition is a pretty common one and it’s the result of […]

today25 June 2022

cost of living crisis

The ‘Magic Bag’ App Can Help You Save Money On Your Food Shop

The cost of groceries is getting so high that some people are cutting back on food to save money. More than half (56%) of 4,011 people surveyed by the BBC have started to buy fewer groceries and are skipping meals,  Food inflation accelerated to 3.5% in April, up from 3.3% in March – the highest inflation rate since March 2013. Archie Norman, chairman of Marks & Spencer, warned that food prices could soar […]

today21 June 2022


10 Foods You Should Never Cook On A BBQ, According To Experts

Beware of grilling flaky fish (but note that keeping the skin on is a huge help).BBQ season is a delight for anyone who enjoys perfectly charred burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers and other flavourful items – so much so that people these days tend to throw just about anything on a grill, from watermelon to lettuce. That said, a fired-up propane, charcoal or natural gas grill isn’t the ideal place […]

today18 June 2022 1


The Best Pasta Shapes For Making Pasta Salad (Yes, It Matters)

Fusilli is a classic for a reason.Pasta salad is the consummate summer picnic MVP, and there are a ton of different ways to make it. After all, a pasta salad only really needs to include pasta and some type of dressing. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit.Since pasta is a non-negotiable ingredient, it’s important to choose a pasta shape that can hold up to the dressing and can play well with added veggies, […]

today16 June 2022 3


The Biggest BBQ Mistake You’re Making, According To Grill Masters

Has that grill been properly preheated?Just so you know, HuffPost UK may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.Doing the grilling at a barbecue get-together is a serious job. Whether you’re cooking up burgers, chicken, steak, veggies or fruit, you […]

today3 June 2022

cost of living

Jamie Oliver Is Protesting To Ban Cheap Junk Food And People Think It’s Tone Deaf

Jamie Oliver takes part in the What An Eton Mess demonstration outside Downing Street, London, calling for Boris Johnson to reconsider his U-turn on the Government's anti-obesity strategy. Jamie Oliver wants the government to ban multi-buy deals on junk food. And considering the cost of living crisis, some people are seriously unimpressed. It all started when the government said it would ban “buy one get one free” deals on junk food and ban […]

today20 May 2022


Are The Additives And Ingredients In Non-Dairy Milks Unhealthy?

From Instagram to TikTok to podcasts, there’s a ton of information floating around about the ingredients found in many plant-based milks. There’s carrageenan, xanthan gum, lecithin and more, and they’re often framed as “scary” or “unhealthy,” which is a bit understandable in some regards. If you were to pull a plant-based milk from your pantry or refrigerator right now and look at the ingredient list, there’s a very strong chance […]

today17 May 2022


Why Your Heinz Ketchup Bottle Might Not Be Round For Much Longer

Ketchup is a staple fixture in British households, no matter the weather – an essential element of your rainy Friday night dinner as much as your sunny summer BBQ.And your fave condiment (let’s be honest, does anything else topple it?), is going through a bit of a makeover at the moment.Heinz has announced that its iconic ketchup will soon be sold in paper bottles in a bid to have less […]

today16 May 2022


12 Affordable, Delicious Meals You Can Cook With A Can Of Fish

If you think fancy chefs never reach for a can of tuna when they need to pull together a quick meal, we can’t help but say ”Sorry, Charlie.” We talked to chefs who regularly use canned tuna, salmon and other fishes as entrees and as ingredients in other dishes.“I’m a big fan of conservas, which are preserved foods, such as pickles, jam or canned foods, which are ‘put up’ in jars […]

today15 May 2022