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Inaugural ‘Celebration Day’ Sees Brits Honour Friends And Family They’ve Lost

This weekend, people across the UK will unite in collective remembrance, as they pay tribute to people who are no longer with us in the county’s inaugural Celebration Day. Taking place on Sunday June 26, the day offer a moment for us all to pause in our busy lives and celebrate the people we’ve lost. That could mean visiting their favourite place, playing a particular song, digging out an old photo album, […]

today25 June 2022


Why Don’t We Commit To Friendships Like We Do Marriage?

Birdy and Maggie experience friendship problems This article contains minor spoilers for the BBC show, Everything I Know About Love.When was the last time you saw that really good friend of yours? You know the one you’ve known for years, since school or university. You’re forever sending each other heart emojis on social media, and meaning to “catch up soon”.  This back and forth can last weeks and months, before you finally […]

today15 June 2022

cost of living crisis

Here’s How You Can Still Go ‘Out Out’, Even On A Tight Budget

The cost of living crisis is sucking the joy out of life for so many. Inflation rates have just risen to their highest level in 40 years. Energy bills have skyrocketed, in part because of the knock-on effect of the Ukraine war. Since April, the average gas prices jumped by 53.5% and electricity prices by 95.5%.Additionally, petrol prices are rising daily. The price of filling up an average family car with petrol is set […]

today10 June 2022


5 Lessons On Friendship To Absorb From Everything I Know About Love

“This is a story of great love, but it’s not the one you think it is.”Within the opening 15 minutes, fans of Dolly Alderton’s bestseller Everything I Know About Love can breathe a sigh of relief. With that short line, we’re reassured that the TV execs working on the BBC adaptation alongside the author got it.The names of the protagonists may have changed from page to screen – the Dolly-esque […]

today7 June 2022


12 Wedding Guest Mistakes You Might Make And Not Realise It

Remember the happy couple is meant to be the center of attention at a wedding. We all know the basic wedding etiquette rules. Don’t wear white unless specifically asked to. Don’t choose someone else’s special day as the moment to propose to your partner. Don’t ignore your table assignment.But there are some less obvious ways guests might be rude at a wedding and not realise it. We asked a few etiquette experts […]

today2 June 2022 1


The Receipts Book Is An Ode To All The Women Who Have Ever Loved Them

It was during my third year of university that I first started listening to The Receipts Podcast. Every week, hearing Tolani Shoneye (Tolly), Milena Sanchez and Audrey Indome through my Soundcloud account brought me joy while I struggled to finish my dissertation.In the years since, The Receipts Podcast has become a safe space for women of colour. It’s the place we go to laugh, cry and hear general insights into […]

today29 May 2022 1


It’s Friday. Is Anybody Anywhere Actually Going Out Tonight?

.Friday night is not it. That’s because Wednesday is the new Thursday and Thursday is the new Friday. And if you’re not following us, you’re probably not one of the millions in the UK who’ve embraced hybrid working.New data from Freespace, a technology company that has 120,000 workplace sensors in offices across the country, shows that less than 15% of desks were occupied last Friday. But the number was closer to […]

today20 May 2022


The Rude Wedding Guest Behaviour You May Be Guilty Of

Be mindful of the bride and groom's time when you get your chance to say hello.In the months leading up to her wedding day, Elizabeth was looking forward to seeing all of her guests, but she did not anticipate how much people would try to monopolise her time. “Several of my husband’s family friends, who I’d barely even met, kept coming up to me during the reception and then they would […]

today17 May 2022

dating and relationships

‘How Can I Move Out Of The Friend Zone With The Guy From My Running Group?’

You’re reading Love Stuck, where trained therapists answer your dating, sex and relationship dilemmas. You can submit a question here.There’s a reason why the friend to lover trope is so popular in film and TV. You’re friends with someone for years, you date other people and then you realise the person you’ve been looking for has been right in front of you. Having a solid friendship with someone can be a great foundation […]

today28 April 2022