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black women

Black And South Asian Women Wait Two Months Longer To Land First Job

Black and South Asian women in the UK take at least two months longer than their white colleagues to secure their first job after leaving education, research from Totaljobs has revealed.After finishing education, it takes Black women, on average, 5.1 months to secure their first role, and South Asian women 4.9 months. This is in comparison to 3.4 months for white men and 2.8 months for white women, new research found. The new […]

today23 June 2022


‘I Hope You Don’t Mind’ But Here’s Another Phrase You Might Want To Ditch

I. Hope. You. Don’t. Mind.At best, the phrase is used to soften the blow of potentially unpopular news. At worst, you’re using it when you know you’re being a mega bitch in a half-assed attempt to acknowledge somebody else’s feelings, before cracking on nonetheless.“I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve eaten the last biscuit.”“I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve adjusted your targets for this quarter.”“I hope you don’t mind, […]

today22 June 2022

cost of living crisis

Low-Income Households Pay Over £430 More A Year For Life Essentials

The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone – but no-one more so than low-income homes in the UK.A new study from Fair By Design has found the average low-income household pays more than £430 – but can pay up to £541 – more every year for essential services and goods compared to wealthier households.Simply put, the data suggests that it is more expensive to be poorer in the UK […]

today22 June 2022


Beyonce’s Anti-Burnout Anthem Is The Sweet Release From Work We All Need

“Work by nine, then off past five. And they work my nerves, that’s why I cannot sleep at night.”We’ve been waiting in anticipation to see if Beyoncé would deliver and of-course, she did not disappoint. Her newest song, Break My Soul, is already being called the anti-work anthem for the burnout generation.The song speaks about working too hard and wanting to quit your job (something we’ve probably all felt like doing). […]

today21 June 2022 1


Why Rail Workers Are Striking: ‘We Either Fight Or We Give In’

A passenger at Waterloo Station hours before the UK's rail network is shut down.The rail strikes happening this week – the biggest in three decades – are likely to affect nearly all of us in some way. Network Rail workers across the UK are striking on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with London Underground services joining them on Tuesday.This means only 20% of the usual services will be running with railway operators […]

today21 June 2022


Should We All Just Stop Working So Hard?

You’re reading Life-Work Balance, a series aiming to redirect our total devotion to work into prioritising our personal lives.The work wisdom of going above and beyond in your 20s to set yourself up for success and comfort further down the line is currently very much up for debate.In one camp is a band that advocates working your butt off in the early stages of your career so that you can relax […]

today20 June 2022

funny tweets

21 Tweets About Brits Trying (And Failing) To Work Through A Heatwave

Anyone who lives in the UK knows our personalities centre around the weather. Considering it rains a high percentage of the time in this country of ours, it only make sense. So when a heatwave decides to appear out of nowhere the whole country starts buzzing.With what emotion, however, depends on your weather temperament. When it’s sunny, everything can feel more manageable. It’s easier to get outside, and you generally […]

today17 June 2022


How To Save Money Attending A Destination Wedding

Getting invited to a destination wedding tends to elicit a two-part reaction. First, there’s the excitement about visiting a new locale and attending a glamorous event there. Then, the dread sets in: how much is this going to cost me?Destination weddings can be a blast, but they also generally require extra time and money from guests. Still, there are ways to make the experience less pricy.Below, personal finance experts share […]

today17 June 2022

cost of living crisis

Interest Rates Have Risen To Their Highest Since 2009. This Is Why That Matters

Woman taking cash out of UK cash machine and counting banknotesThe Bank of England has just announced it is raising interest rates to its highest levels since 2009. But what does that actually mean?This month’s increase sounds pretty marginal – from 1% to 1.25% – but this is actually significant when it comes to understanding what’s going on with the UK amid the global energy chaos and the 40-year-highinflation rate.Here’s […]

today16 June 2022 1