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Monkeypox Vaccine: Who Will Soon Be Offered A Jab?

Some gay and bisexual men are being offered the monkeypox vaccinePeople who are at highest risk of catching the monkeypox virus will soon be offered a vaccine in an effort to reduce transmission.The UK’s Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has revealed that some men who have sex with men will soon be offered the Imvanex jab – originally designed to treat smallpox – to curb the largest recent outbreak outside of […]

today22 June 2022


Monkeypox Is Getting A New Name. Here’s Why

Monkeypox will soon be renamed. If you’ve been seeing monkeypox in the news recently you might have seen pictures of the condition on darker skin.Though the virus is now evident in other parts of the world, monkeypox has become synonymous with African countries, which is why a new name is being considered for the condition.The World Health Organisation has said it is looking to rename the virus due to the connotations […]

today15 June 2022


3 Things You Need To Know About Monkeypox As UK Cases Reach 302

Monkeypox cases in the UK have shot up to 302 as of Sunday, and experts are urging people to take further precautions to protect themselves from the virus.There are now 1,019 confirmed and suspected infections worldwide, reported across 29 different non-endemic countries with the most found in the UK so far.Spain has the second highest number of cases at 198, Portugal follows with 153 and Canada with 80.The risk to […]

today7 June 2022


Got Monkeypox Symptoms? Don’t Have Sex, Say Health Authorities

Young Ill Man Wrapped in a Warm Blanket Drinking Hot Tea at HomePeople with monkeypox symptoms have been advised not to have sex by the health authorities.The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) issued this new advice after 71 new cases of the virus were confirmed in England on Monday.This brings the total to 179 reported cases since May 7, most of which are in England. Four have been in Scotland, […]

today31 May 2022


The Curious Way Covid And The Monkeypox Outbreak Could Be Related

Monkeypox continues to spread in the UK, with 78 cases confirmed. And now, some scientists have suggested there may be an indirect link to Covid. Monkeypox has been identified in England and Scotland, but as of May 24, no cases have been identified in Wales or Northern Ireland. Other cases have been found in 19 countries including the UAE, Spain, Portugal, the US and Australia, the World Health Organisation said.Monkeypox is […]

today26 May 2022 1


This Is Why People Under 50 Are More Susceptible To Monkeypox

-With more than 70 monkeypox cases now confirmed in the UK alone, people are starting to fear that the disease could spread through the population rapidly.However, those aged 50 or over may be more equipped to deal with the virus than younger folk, because of a jab they received more than 40 years ago.What extra protection do the 50+ have?Those aged over 50 would have received the routine vaccination against smallpox, […]

today25 May 2022 2


Minister Addresses Ongoing Monkeypox Worries: ‘Cautious, Not Concerned’

Simon Clarke speaking to Sky News about monkeypoxThe government is monitoring the monkeypox outbreak but is currently “not concerned”, according to minister Simon Clarke.The chief secretary to the Treasury was responding to the public worries around the recent uptick in cases now there are 80 cases across 12 countries.The rare viral infection usually does not spread easily between humans, but is common in parts of West and Central Africa. There […]

today23 May 2022


Monkeypox Is Spreading In The UK Through Unusual Means. Should We Be Worried?

Monkeypox can trigger fever, headache and chills among other symptomsCovid concerns may have subsided and though they’re far from gone, now another virus, Monkeypox, has been making headlines.Here’s what you need to know.What is Monkeypox?Monkeypox is a rare viral infection that typically does not spread easily between humans. It’s comparable to smallpox but milder, less infectious, and less deadly.Most people recover within a week and the virus disappears on its […]

today17 May 2022 1