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The Psychology Of Cringe (And How To Work Through The Feeling)

Cringe! We all know the feeling. Your shoulders tense, your stomach clenches, your face screws up, and you cover your eyes to make it go away.Few emotions manifest in such a physical way. But what really is cringe? Other people make us cringe, of course, but why does cringing at ourselves feels worse? And could this uncomfortable feeling actually be good for us?Just ask Taylor Swift. In May, when picking […]

today5 June 2022 1


Ready To Date After A Breakup? Ask Yourself These Questions First

You’re reading Love Stuck, where trained therapists answer your dating, sex and relationship dilemmas. You can submit a question here.It’s easy to lose your sense of self when you’re in a long-term relationship. When you’ve been with someone for months or years, you start to see yourself in that person and vice versa. Your lives enmesh, whether you’re living together or not, and you’re likely to share friends, interests and values – […]

today26 May 2022


Ageing ‘Gracefully’ Can Be Scary. Here’s How To Shift The Narrative

It's likely that the parts about ageing that bother you most can be softened if you change your perception.The image I see of myself in my mind is that of a photograph taken in 1992, when I was 22 years old. The photo is of me and my friend, Sean. I’d gone with him to have his professional headshots taken (he’s an actor and songwriter) and the photographer offered to […]

today15 May 2022


There Are 4 Main Parenting Styles. This Is How They Affect Kids

Parents aren't set in one parenting style at all times. Every so often, a parenting style makes the headlines: attachment parenting, helicopter parenting, free-range parenting. But in child psychology, based on the work of Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, experts point to four main parenting styles – neglectful, authoritarian, authoritative and permissive – that influence how children grow and interact. “Without a lot of intentional thought, parenting styles are often a combination […]

today5 May 2022