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If You See Red When Faced With Rudeness, This Might Be Why

If someone is rude to you, or you think they are, what is your first response? Do you get instinctively get aggressive? Are you looking for a fight? While some responses can be the result of a bad day, a momentary lapse in judgement, or an appropriate reaction to someone else’s aggression, in some cases, perpetual anger can stem from elsewhere.For people who are always prepared, or indeed looking for confrontation, […]

today25 June 2022

children's mental health

6 Things We Actually Need To Improve Our Mental Health Right Now

This article was originally published on HuffPost US.Your favourite Instagram influencer can post about self-care all day, showing glamorous pictures of bubble baths and retreats. Leaders across the country can offer lip service on the need to address mental health. A company can send an email to its employees honouring Mental Health Awareness Month. But true mental health changes look much different from that.An estimated 1 in 4 American adults lives […]

today1 June 2022


The Biggest Covid Issues People Are Bringing Up In Therapy

Therapists have been helping many of their clients work through and process Covid-related problems.Even if it feels like we are in “post-pandemic” times, we’re certainly not. Not only are case rates still high, we’re seeing mental health implications. Therapists are just starting to unpack the last two years with their clients.Experts are working harder than ever trying to accommodate patients with spiking mental health concerns as a result of the […]

today1 June 2022 1


We Always Say Marriage Is ‘Hard Work’, But Should It Be?

They say marriage is hard work. “They” being every other relative wishing to bestow you with wisdom the moment you get engaged. The phrase is so regularly repeated that it’s sometimes used to bat away more complex friction in a relationship. Arguing with your partner? That’s the hard work calling. Intimacy issues? Infidelity? Financial stress? Don’t say we didn’t warn you... But a couple of months back, when writer Danielle Weisberg tweeted […]

today31 May 2022 1


What Therapists Personally Do When They Feel Powerless

Feeling powerless is a desperate, overwhelming sensation, yet one that’s very much embedded in the human experience – especially lately. Many are facing this crippling, paralysing reaction, thanks to war, the pandemic, attacks on women’s rights and so many more events seemingly out of our control.This emotion can affect anyone, including the therapists who often help others work through it. “As a therapist, a lot of people assume that I have […]

today6 May 2022