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Women’s Health

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Period Poverty Is Getting Worse, Here’s How To Donate And Find Help

The cost of living is making it harder for women and girls to buy period products.A new poll of 1,000 girls aged 14-21 reveals that more than one in four (28%) are struggling to afford period products, and nearly one in five (19%) report being unable to afford period products at all since the start of 2022.One in 10 of the young women who took part in the survey had to go […]

today25 May 2022 1


Devastating And Devalidating: How The HRT Shortage Is Impacting Trans Women

Trans women are struggling when it comes to the HRT shortage Hormone-replacement therapy shortages have left millions worried across the UK – but while the plight of menopausal women is known, they are not the only ones struggling.To reaffirm their gender, trans women also take oestrogen – the same hormone cis women take when combatting menopause symptoms – meaning they are also being affected by the same shortfalls in supply.Three different types […]

today22 May 2022


A Woman Had Her Ovaries Mistakenly Removed By The NHS

Neurosurgeon team operating brain tumor surgery in hospital operating roomThere have been nearly 100 cases of a foreign object – including drill bits – left inside NHS patients by mistake, according to a new analysis. One woman had her ovaries removed by mistake even though the plan was to conserve them. Whilst six patients had injections to the wrong eye.Some 407 “Never Events” – things so serious they should never […]

today19 May 2022 1


Spain Is Introducing Three Days Period Leave A Month. Should We?

Would you take period leave?Spain is on its way to becoming the first European country to offer paid menstrual leave, up to three days per month. The move, set to be introduced from next week after Spain’s next cabinet meeting, also welcomes workers to take time off for other reproductive health reasons, such as abortions. The Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence, Ángela Rodríguez, announced a range of measures […]

today12 May 2022


Finally, We’re Seeing Women Of Colour In Medical Illustrations

Open a medical textbook or health pamphlet and more often than not, you’ll find images of slim, hairless, able-bodied, young, white figures. But now, a campaign has launched to accurately reflect the diversity of women and their bodies, in a bid to help all woman access the healthcare they need.In a new digital gallery, titled The Reframing Revolution, designers have created dozens of new illustrations to be released into the medical […]

today3 May 2022