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The Rudest Mistakes Dog Owners Make At The Park

Pay attention to your dog and intervene if needed. Going to the park with a dog is a great way to help your pet socialise, exercise and get some fresh air. But not every canine knows how to behave there.The same goes for humans. In fact, there are several rude boo boos that dog owners display in this setting. “Etiquette is all about being mindful of other people, which certainly applies to […]

today3 June 2022


15 Funny Cat TikToks That Show Cats Being Agents Of Chaos

As everyone who has been around a cat knows, felines are funny creatures.A lot of their comedy comes from their chaotic, mischievous nature. One minute they can be snoozing peacefully on your couch, and the next, they might spring into action and attack your feet, leap into the air or sneak into spaces they are definitely not supposed to be in while you watch. It’s all part of a cat’s […]

today3 June 2022

animal cruelty

Pugs Are So Unhealthy, Vets Are Urging Us Not To Buy Them

They might look adorable, but pugs are not healthy. So much so, that experts are now urging people buying dogs not to select the breed in a bid to put the brakes on demand. Pugs have high health risks and can no longer be considered a “typical dog from a health perspective”, a new study suggests.Experts are advising people not to buy the dogs until there is an improvement in their […]

today18 May 2022


Pets At Polling Stations: 18 Pictures Of Democracy-Loving Dogs, Cats… And Cows

An Irish wolfhound outside a polling stationWith so many people across the UK heading to the ballot boxes on May 5 for the local elections, it’s only natural they would bring their four-legged companions along.In fact, in the last few years it has become an informal social media tradition for people to share photos of their pooches at the polling station.And this year is no exception – even prime minister […]

today5 May 2022