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life as a parent

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Empowered, Indifferent, Old: This Is How Men Feel About Turning 40

Prince William turns 40 this week. “Am I where I expected to be at 40?” This is probably not a question Prince William is asking himself as enters his fifth decade. But the Duke of Cambridge’s birthday has got us thinking about milestone ages, and why some of us place so much significance on certain numbers. For women, approaching ‘The Big Four O’ often means discussions of fertility and the biological clock intensify […]

today21 June 2022

Body Image

Breastfeeding In Public Is Hard. For Plus-Size Women, It’s Even Harder

Suz Gillies-Smith, the body acceptance activist behind the @plussizebreastfeeding Instagram account, feeds her son at a TJ Maxx.Breastfeeding in public has become increasingly normalised over the past decade and yet, according to a 2019 survey, one in four people in the US think feeding or pumping in public is “inappropriate.” But a baby has to eat when a baby has to eat, whether that’s in a store, at a restaurant or on a plane.Mums […]

today1 June 2022 2


7 Things We Learned From Joe Wicks: Facing My Childhood

When the pandemic closed schools in March 2020, Joe Wicks stepped in to keep the world active with a daily YouTube workout, titled ‘PE with Joe’. The videos reached more than 100 million people worldwide, proving as popular with adults as they were with kids. And no one was more surprised by the global success than the 36-year-old from Epsom. More than two years on, Joe (aka The Body Coach) is still […]

today16 May 2022


Relief, Fear, Survivor’s Guilt: What It’s Like To Bring Your Baby Home From NICU

Writer Charlie Bond with her husband Jamie and son Seb, who returned home after almost a month in NICU. Every new parent pictures what it’ll be like bringing their baby home for the first time, but for neonatal parents the experience is different. That’s because they have to wait days, weeks or sometimes months to reach that special moment.When Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra shared on Instagram that their baby girl […]

today15 May 2022


How Soon Is Too Soon To Become Attached To Your New Partner’s Children?

Despite Kanye West's vehement disapproval, photos show that Pete Davidson has met Kimye’s kids. For parents dating again, figuring out when to introduce a new partner to your kids is a tricky calculus: How many months should you wait? Does the relationship feel stable and safe enough to take that step? Is your child emotionally ready to meet someone new since you split from your co-parent? What will your ex say? The stress doesn’t end […]

today14 May 2022


Childcare Waiting Lists Are So Wild, You Need To Sign Up When Pregnant

Children are usually put in childcare at three years old.Expecting a baby? Depending on how far along you are, you might want to sort out your childcare needs. Sadly, we’re not joking.  That’s because waiting times are ridiculously long at the moment and some mums are sharing the advice they wish they knew before they had children. One mum, author Libby Page, says her ultimate parenting advice would be to arrange childcare […]

today12 May 2022

Eating Disorders

Angela Scanlon On The Eating Disorder She Kept Hidden: ‘It Chips Away At You’

Like many parents, Angela Scanlon enjoys sharing baths with her two young children. But the family takes things one step further, ditching their clothes and dancing around the bedroom for regular “nudie discos”. “I love being naked!” the TV presenter and podcast host says with a laugh from the other side of our video call.  “And actually, I think it’s really, really important. Florence Welch is on full tilt, Dog Days […]

today9 May 2022


6 Tips For Cutting Down On The Cost Of Childcare

The increase in the cost of living has affected everyone, especially parents. As the price of gas, electricity and food continue to soar, parents are left wondering how they can save money. And a huge expense that most parents pay for is childcare.The average cost for a part-time nursery place is £7,000, according to the NCT, and some parents pay even higher fees if they require childcare for under twos, […]

today9 May 2022 1


Ready For Postpartum Exercise? Try This 5-Minute Workout

You’re reading Move, the nudge we need to get active, however makes us happiest and healthiest.In the heavy throes of new motherhood, exercise is likely to be the last thing on your mind. And – it must be stressed – that is absolutely okay. We’re not here for any of that “get your body back” nonsense. But there may come a point when you start thinking about getting active, especially if a […]

today4 May 2022