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Mental Health

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If You See Red When Faced With Rudeness, This Might Be Why

If someone is rude to you, or you think they are, what is your first response? Do you get instinctively get aggressive? Are you looking for a fight? While some responses can be the result of a bad day, a momentary lapse in judgement, or an appropriate reaction to someone else’s aggression, in some cases, perpetual anger can stem from elsewhere.For people who are always prepared, or indeed looking for confrontation, […]

today25 June 2022


Powerful ‘Last Photo’ Exhibition Shows People Can Be Suicidal And Still Smile

A series of portraits, each over six-foot tall, smile down at passers by on London’s South Bank, alongside the River Thames. The images are part of a new exhibition, The Last Photo, created by the suicide prevention charity the Campaign Against Living Miserably (Calm), to show the many faces of suicide. Tragically, 125 people currently die by suicide every week in the UK, yet 61% of people say they would struggle to tell if someone […]

today23 June 2022 1


‘Still Living Whilst Dying’: What Deborah James Has Taught Us About Death

“I find myself living in limbo land, not really knowing what the future holds and for how long,” writes Dame Deborah James. “It’s a very stressful, uncertain place to be.”The prolific campaigner, 40, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2016, has been documenting her end of life on Instagram, after she was discharged from hospital and given “just days” to live over a month ago. Her life – and charity fundraising […]

today18 June 2022 1


The Psychology Of Cringe (And How To Work Through The Feeling)

Cringe! We all know the feeling. Your shoulders tense, your stomach clenches, your face screws up, and you cover your eyes to make it go away.Few emotions manifest in such a physical way. But what really is cringe? Other people make us cringe, of course, but why does cringing at ourselves feels worse? And could this uncomfortable feeling actually be good for us?Just ask Taylor Swift. In May, when picking […]

today5 June 2022 1

children's mental health

6 Things We Actually Need To Improve Our Mental Health Right Now

This article was originally published on HuffPost US.Your favourite Instagram influencer can post about self-care all day, showing glamorous pictures of bubble baths and retreats. Leaders across the country can offer lip service on the need to address mental health. A company can send an email to its employees honouring Mental Health Awareness Month. But true mental health changes look much different from that.An estimated 1 in 4 American adults lives […]

today1 June 2022


The Biggest Covid Issues People Are Bringing Up In Therapy

Therapists have been helping many of their clients work through and process Covid-related problems.Even if it feels like we are in “post-pandemic” times, we’re certainly not. Not only are case rates still high, we’re seeing mental health implications. Therapists are just starting to unpack the last two years with their clients.Experts are working harder than ever trying to accommodate patients with spiking mental health concerns as a result of the […]

today1 June 2022 1


11 Survivors Of US School Gun Violence Share The Long-Term Impact

Since the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, at least 185 children, teachers and other people have lost their lives in campus shootings across the country, according to the Washington Post. The latest school shooting took the lives of 21 people, including 19 children at an Uvalde, Texas, elementary school that was just days away from breaking for summer vacation. The students who survived had their childhoods stolen that day, too. The lives of […]

today30 May 2022


Bridgerton Actor Ruby Barker Hospitalised For Mental Health Issue

Ruby BarkerBridgerton star Ruby Barker has told fans that she’s been hospitalised for a mental health issue, after being “really unwell for a really long time”.In an Instagram video taken in a medical centre – where she said she’ll soon be leaving – Ruby said she was feeling better, but told her followers that her recovery has been a struggle.The British performer, who plays the Marina Thompson-Lady Crane character in […]

today27 May 2022 2


30 Super Relatable Tweets About Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a very real mental health condition. For many people, it manifests in the form of paralysing fear and self-doubt when faced with situations that require interaction with other humans. They might also experience intense rumination over past exchanges and even physical symptoms like sweating and laboured breathing.Although social anxiety can feel isolating, the people of Twitter are there to remind us that those afflicted are not alone. Below, […]

today27 May 2022