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Sheryl Sandberg Is Leaving Facebook

After a tumultuous decade in the executive suite, Meta (née Facebook) COO Sheryl Sandberg is leaving the company.Sandberg broke the news shortly before the close of trading on Wednesday, after which shares in the company that made her a billionaire fell sharply.In a lengthy Facebook post, Sandberg reflected in broad strokes on her 14 years at the company and how much it, and the world at large, have changed.“The debate […]

today2 June 2022 1


The Reason Why Some Of Us Love Oversharing On Social Media (And Others Really Don’t)

Are you a social media sharer? You’re wearing a fire outfit, enjoying brunch with the girlies. You need that boomerang shot of the mimosa for the Insta (duh).Many of us are prone to sharing everyday snippets (read: highlights) of our lives on social media, showing a curated audience our quirks, realities, and individualities. Some even share more intimate details. But while some of us are snapping away hands to take that foodie […]

today27 May 2022


Is Whatsapp Intimacy Your Love Language?

Is this your love language? It’s 3pm, and your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/crush hasn’t messaged you back (if at all). You try not to hover over your chat, waiting for their ‘last seen’ to turn to ’online’. In an age of digital intimacy, it’s totally normal to fret over online connection, the abundance of it and its quality. Are we making an effort to converse enough? Are we updating one another about our days, our […]

today13 May 2022

elon musk

Musk Owns Twitter. What Could Go Wrong?

With his $44 billion (£35 billion) to buyTwitter, Elon Musk has a new shiny thing.But unlike so many of Musk’s moonshots (self-driving robotaxis, brain-machine interfaces, hyperloops, bulletproof cybertrucks, etc.), Twitter is already a mature product used daily by hundreds of millions of people. And with that comes a set of challenges, including at-times tedious day-to-day managerial tasks, that the world’s richest person may not be eager to take on.The shiny new […]

today27 April 2022

cost of living

People Are Muting Their Favourite Influencers. They Tell Us Why

Instagram and influencers – it’s difficult to imagine one without the other. I’ve happily followed fashion influencers on Instagram since I first downloaded the app in 2014. And there’s no doubt the limited representation of Black women in mainstream media made me feel connected to Black influencers specifically. These were the people I ran to for makeup recommendations, to ogle their clothing choices and tap up their lifestyle content, from food to […]

today27 April 2022

elon musk

Elon Musk Buys Twitter For $44 Billion

Twitter’s board of directors announced that itagreed to sell the company to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, climaxing the world’s richest person’s quest to acquire his favorite social media platform and take it private.  Musk and Twitter’s board were close to a deal after a meeting on Sunday, according to The Wall Street Journal. Musk, who already owned about 9% of Twitter’s shares, said he had secured $46.5 billion to finalise the purchase. The reported […]

today25 April 2022