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11 Reasons Being Calm Is Making You Anxious

Nobody likes being anxious... right? If that’s true, then why do we sometimes feel so unsettled – weird, even – when life is calm or everything feels settled? This can feel like your heart racing when you’re lying in bed or your thoughts spiralling when watching TV. Or, it might be a tendency to pack your schedule to avoid having downtime. When you’re used to living with stress, getting a break […]

today27 May 2022


How To Professionally Say ‘I Don’t Have Time For This’ At Work

Learning how to set boundaries and priorities at work is a skill everyone needs to learn.It is an unfortunately universal career truth that you will be given work that you do not want to do. Sometimes, it’s tedious tasks you simply have to complete to get through a project. But when you’re given a task outside your job description or busywork that truly doesn’t matter, it may be time to set […]

today26 May 2022


What Therapists Personally Do When They Feel Powerless

Feeling powerless is a desperate, overwhelming sensation, yet one that’s very much embedded in the human experience – especially lately. Many are facing this crippling, paralysing reaction, thanks to war, the pandemic, attacks on women’s rights and so many more events seemingly out of our control.This emotion can affect anyone, including the therapists who often help others work through it. “As a therapist, a lot of people assume that I have […]

today6 May 2022